Prothesis & Fetish : The Journey of Exoticized Reason

2016, various dimensions, glass, latex, thread and divers materials
"New Buenos Aires" cur. by Dimitrina Sevova and Damien Christinger, Corner College, Zurich

During centuries of hegemonic reason and global trade’s domain, a utopian world shaped
by travelling in the quest for unknown paradises – the “exotic,” “alien” or “outlandish”
– depicts a transparent, crystalline display through which (un)material human production can
be watched and therefore classified.

These "exotic" objects of adoration get appropriated by an entire fetishistic web that – after
creating divisions in nationalities – reproduces cultural and national identities as merchandises,
from raw material to goods such as art. Exoticism becomes marketing and promotion.
These same objects, wherever you might find them, in a ship, a storage, in a museum
or even a library with travel novels in a XIX century fashion or contemporary science fiction ones,
are placed in a way that a whole juxtaposition of different times and spaces suggests a
heterotopic entity with its dystopic side of uses and abuses by a large (post)colonial history.

The installation inverts the logic of capitalistic reason, understood as a vessel of
accumulation: crystalline displays become un- and over-exoticized at the same time,
showing a narrative of decolonization, rests and remains, traces of past,
present and future ongoing greediness.